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ATA’s Education Division has provided training to more than 2,500 teachers. ATA has a staff of highly qualified TESOL instructors who have all taught in Asia, and have an in-depth understanding of how to teach all ages and abilities as an ESL teacher overseas.


Whether you are preparing for a rewarding teaching job, wishing to immerse yourself in an entirely different culture, or looking to study abroad, ATA provides clients with an enriching, life-changing experience.

교실 강의

ATA’s flagship course is a 120 hour, internationally accredited, in-class TESOL course, held at our school in Hua Hin, Thailand, as well as in Yangon, Myanmar. The four-week course provides cultural and language orientation, teacher training, and participation in a non-profit English camp.

그룹 화상 회의

The ATA 120 hour internationally accredited online TESOL is a four-week, online English training course that provides significant instruction on the theories, strategies, and techniques of teaching English as a second/foreign language.


ATA’s Cultural Orientation courses are designed to prepare future English teachers for all aspects of life in Thailand, South Korea, and China.


Each course delves into the heart of each countries culture and values through online classes before you arrive in the country, and once in the country, through active-learning cultural excursions to various sites of cultural and historical significance.


ATA goes to great lengths to provide the most comprehensive culture orientation possible by bringing aspects of all major areas of existence here in Thailand right to the classroom for our clients. We provide traditional classroom learning on life and business in Thailand alongside an array of hands-on experiences that require you to completely immerse yourself within the culture.



All of our Teach in Vietnam in-class TESOL / TEFL students will take part in our cultural orientation week. During this week, we provide our participants with essential cultural knowledge through excursions and classes to make the transition into living and working in Vietnam as smooth as possible. The week will include trips to local historic sites, the opportunity to try plenty of local delicacies, and lessons in the Vietnamese language. The week will also give you a chance to bond with your fellow TESOL classmates and form a network of new friends from all over the world.



ATA provides a one-week, intensive online China Cultural Foundation Course to prepare teachers for their teaching experience in China. This online course helps teachers learn and understand the Chinese way of life.



The South Korea Cultural Foundation Online course is designed to prepare future English teachers for all aspects of life in South Korea. Those of you who would like a more hands-on experience, we also offer an in-country orientation. South Korea is rich in history and culture, and the local people take great pride in this, so it’s important that teachers are educated on the dynamics of the culture and language in order to make their transition into the country smoother.


Faculty & Staff

Teaching abroad can be an incredible experience that yields weird, wild and wonderful stories and memories.

We wanted to showcase some of those stories, and so we managed to sit down with some of our ESL teachers, both past and present, to hear about their most memorable moments whilst teaching.


Here’s what they had to say:


Jon is a TESOL instructor and Marketing Executive for ATA. He has been living and working in Thailand for 18 months and is incredibly passionate about teaching. He has adapted incredibly well to Thai culture and his stories are captivating.


Loren, also known as Lolly or Lilo by her students and collegues, is a kindergarten English teacher in Bangkok. She graduated the ATA 120 TESOL course in mid 2014 along with her mother who is also an English teacher in Thailand.


Austin is a TESOL instructor for ATA. He started his teaching career in October of 2013 as a TESOL student, joining a large class of soon-to-be teachers. He graduated from the course and went on to teach in the Lopburi province in central Thailand.


Alanna was previously a TESOL Instructor with the ATA team. She joined us after having finished her term teaching in Nan province in far northeastern Thailand. She too started as a TESOL student, joining the April 2014 group.


Jaco is a veteran TESOL instructor. Before leading with ATA, Jaco started as a junior ESL teacher in the picturesque setting of Samui island. His years of experience have produced many interesting stories.

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